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Open source software has emerged as the driving force of technology innovation, from cloud and big data to social media and mobile. The Future of Open Source Survey, sponsored by Black Duck and North Bridge Venture Partners, is an annual assessment of open source industry trends that drives broad industry discussion around key issues for new and established software-related organizations and the open source community.In addition, the three industries expected to be impacted most by open source were identified as education (76 percent), government (67 percent), and health care (45 percent), demonstrating how entrenched OSS has become to our social fabric. New Technologies – As data from the Black Duck® KnowledgeBase™ shows, with nearly one million open source projects to date, the rate of innovation is spurring new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the continued rise of Software as a Service (SaaS). When asked what industries open source technology was leading, 63 percent cited cloud computing/virtualization, 57 percent answered content management, 52 percent selected mobile technology, and 51 percent answered security. A change in the way enterprises view open source was signaled by 56 percent of respondents expecting corporations to contribute to more open source projects in 2014.
Cranston Software rose out the ashes like the phoenix in 1988 to be at the service of humanity.
We were in the early years a pure software firm,designing and writing software for the legal industry.In 1989 we incorporated “Shareware” as part of our business model. And in the early 90s Linux as part of our networking component.
Our roots became more hardware centric in those days.We are a leading advocate in the Open Movement.

In the mid nineties it was the Internet.
Then security as cornerstone of our business model to this day.
Open Source was a logical taking off point at this junction.
Security being central to all Open Source products.